Commit to your business this summer

The summer brings sunshine and hopes of holidays. If you're a freelancer or you work from home, it can also fill your workplace with lovely little people who want your time, energy and conversation! How are you ever supposed to get anything done? It might feel like lockdown all over again, but this year you can commit to your business by coming along to the Cowork Collective every Monday. It's the perfect way to start your business week.

For the first time, the Marsham Court Hotel has invited the Cowork Collective to continue running all across the summer. The Snug quietly shuts us away from the rest of the hotel with its sliding doors. It's set up for work with sockets and tabletop charging everywhere. And the best part is we are all there to work.

What could you achieve with three quiet hours of dedicated work time on a Monday morning?

We need to fill the Snug with like-minded people to keep this essential workspace open all summer. So I'm putting on a special pre-summer offer for people to try it out and see if you'd like to join. After your free trial, annual membership is a very reasonable £50 and makes all our coworking sessions free to attend.


Come along for free on Monday 5th July or Monday 12th July using one of our very limited edition coupon codes.

5th July code - TRY5721

12th July code - TRY12721

(Only available once per person. Free spaces limited.)

What do people do at the Cowork Collective?

After parking around 9am, I like to set myself up with a breakfast bap and large latte before making my to-do list and tackling my social media for the first hour or so. Then it's time for a 30-minute chat over coffee before cracking on with my finances and admin.

The Cowork Collective helps me knuckle down to all those tasks that need a little quiet concentration. Other people use it to work on their business plan, plough through their emails, and even get to grips with the latest draft of their novel. It's fab planning time, headspace or even somewhere to brainstorm with others once you've got to know each other. The terrace just outside the Snug is perfect for calls or louder chats.

Our community is full of entrepreneurial minds and self-motivated workers. Writers, business advisors, coaches, virtual assistants, book keepers, and even a specialist dog food producer come here to get stuff done in good company. We don't sell to each other; we get to know each other, we support each other, and we understand that time is precious, especially in the summer. So if you need to get your head down and crack on, we get it!

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